Frank communication without fighting | Kā atklāti izteikties bez strīda?

Practical lecture with Martin Hirschbühl

Our feelings, emotions, our state of mind and our wishes and needs are in a permanent change. In a lively and close relationship it is crucial, that this process of life is noticed, expressed, shared and understood between each other. But often our attempts to share our views, opinions and wishes result in accusations and fighting instead of sincere discussion and open conversation.

With the support of the 4 steps of the nonviolent communication system (Rosenberg) I want to show:
• how to become more mindful towards our own needs, feelings and wishes,
• how to communicate this inner world to your partner, and
• how to become more open and empathetic to the needs and feelings of the other one.
The goal is, to establish a peaceful way of communication with each other that gives space to express ourselves, takes the needs of both into account, helps to find a compromise, supports our growth and allows us to get really in touch with ourselves and with each other.
The lecture is specially intended for couples, but everybody struggling with communication is warmly welcome.

The lecture will be held in English, but I take care to keep the linguistic level simple, so that everybody can understand it.
Lecture is planned on January 14, at 18:30-20:30.
Participation fee is 30 EUR. For couples – 50 EUR . 
Nodarbībā  psihoterapeits Martins Hiršbīls sniegs praktiski izmantojamus principus, kā komunikācijā ar partneri un citiem cilvēkiem būt atklātam par savām jūtām, vēlmēm un vajadzībām, izvairoties no strīdiem un ieklausoties arī sarunu biedra jūtās un vajadzībās.
Nodarbība notiks angļu valodā. Pasniedzējs rūpēsies, lai valoda būtu vienkārša un visiem saprotama.
Nodarbība notiks 14. janvārī 18:30-20:30.
Samaksa par nodarbību 30 EUR, pāriem – 50 EUR.