Mindful loving / Mīlestība un apzinātība

Practical lecture with Martin Hirschbühl
It’s dawn, the alarm is beeping, the first rays of sunshine penetrate through the gaps of the blind, and my partner opens his eyes beside me. We cuddle together for a moment, we’re sleepy, warm and soft and secure, we smell each other, feel the skin, the breathing movement of the body so familiar to us. We are not alone in the world, a new day is breaking. It could be a moment of happiness and love if we notice it….
If we are mindful.
In this lecture I want to travel with you through everyday family life. We’ll go over the little traps and nasty details, which never show in the first month of a relationship, but often grow bigger and bigger over the years. And we’ll see, how these tense moments can change, if we are more mindful.
I want to inspire you, to get a glimpse of how awareness can be of powerful help in keeping your love of each other fresh, in handling stress more easily, in reestablishing the curiosity about each other, in adjusting the outdated picture you may have learnt from your family members, in stopping you from repeating unwanted behaviour, in getting out of the devil’s circle, in switching off the autopilot and in finding the love for each other again.
In short: how to enjoy a more colourful and vivid family life with mindfulness.
The lecture will be held in English, but I take care to keep the linguistic level simple, so that everybody can understand it.
Lecture is planned on March 24, at 18:30-20:30.
Participation fee is 30 EUR. For couples – 50 EUR . 
Iedvesmojoša nodarbība, kurā psihoterapeits Martins Hiršbīls sniegs ieskatu, kā apzinātība var palīdzēt mīlestībā vienam pret otru saglabāt svaigumu, vieglāk pārvarēt stresu, atjaunot interesi vienam par otru, mainīt novecojušus uzskatus par saviem ģimenes locekļiem, izkāpt no apburtā loka, “izslēgt” autopilotu un no jauna atrast mīlestību vienam pret otru.
Īsumā – kā baudīt krāsaināku un dzīvāku ģimenes dzīvi ar apzinātības palīdzību.
Nodarbība notiks angļu valodā. Pasniedzējs rūpēsies, lai valoda būtu vienkārša un visiem saprotama.
Nodarbība notiks 24. martā 18:30-20:30.
Samaksa par nodarbību 30 EUR, pāriem – 50 EUR.